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How is COVID 19 impacting peasants and other people working in rural (...)
Olivier De Schutter message on the Importance and Implementation of United (...)
EXPLIQUÉ : Qu’est-ce que la souveraineté (...)
La pandémie COVID-19 pousse beaucoup de gens à reconnaître l’importance et l’urgence de la souveraineté alimentaire. Dans cette vidéo, produite par @brutnaturefr Via Campesina, des dirigeants et des (...)
EXPLAINED: What is Food Sovereignty
The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing many to recognise the importance and urgency of food sovereignty. In this video, produced by @brutnaturefr Via Campesina leaders and allies explain what is food (...)
La Via Campesina, a weapon for political (...)
Teodor Shanin, creator of the first Russian-British university passed away in Moscow at the age of 89, last February the 4Th, 2020
L’espérance paysanne
L’espérance paysanne" raconte comment il y a 28 ans, le mouvement paysan international La Via Campesina est né, comme une alternative qui donne une dimension collective aux luttes, aux rêves et aux (...)
La esperanza campesina
"La Esperanza campesina" cuenta cómo hace más de 28 años nació La Vía Campesina, como una alternativa que recoge luchas, proyectos sueños y desafíos por construir colectivamente solidaridad y asegurar (...)
Globalize Hope: New film on the history of La (...)
"Globalize Hope" chronicles how La Via Campesina was born more than 28 years ago, as an alternative that brings together struggles, dreams and challenges to build solidarity and secure our (...)
Opening of Cumbre social por el Clima Madrid (...)
Peasant communities across the world already feed the majority of people (70% of the world’s population) with minimal access to agricultural resources (25%). Meanwhile, monocrop agribusinesses (...)
UN Declaration on Rights of Peasants: (...)
On 17 December, 2018 the United Nations General Assembly approved the UN Declaration for the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas (UNDROP). It came about after 17 years of (...)