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September 10th, 2016: International Day of Struggle Against the WTO

On this day, September the 10th, the International Day of Struggle Against WTO, La Via Campesina commemorates the death of Lee Kyung and continues to struggle to END WTO. We call upon, on this day, our member organisations, allies and social movements of the world to mobilize against the neoliberal agenda of the WTO which promotes corporate power over humanity. We must continue to struggle to build a world based on food sovereignty.

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Marche contre le TTIP, CETA and Cie

Plus de 15 000 personnes ont défilé dans les rues de Bruxelles contre le TTIP et CETA

Tracto-Vélo contre la A45

34 tracteurs, 180 vélos et 2000 personnes, malgré la pluie !

Brasil: Festival del Arte y la Cultura de la Reforma Agraria

#‎LaViaCampesina‬ - Más de 1500 Sin Tierra de 19 estados de Brasil dieron inicio, este miércoles (20), al Festival Nacional de Artes y Cultura de la Reforma Agraria, organizado por el Movimiento de (...)

Podcast: Blain Snipstal speaks to The Secret Ingredient


“We can produce all the great food in the world, but if we’re not working to transform the very nature of the relations of power in the food system, having good food will be null and void.” - Blain (...)

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