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Sow the seeds of struggle and resistance, and cultivate our rights! – #TimeToTransform

Let the principles of food sovereignty take roots everywhere! Its #TimeToTransform

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Con el nombre de Egidio Brunetto

En la apertura interna de la VI Conferencia de Vía Campesina Paul Nicholson enumeró los desafíos Luego de la apertura pública el domigo de la VI Conferencia Internacional de la Vía Campesina, este (...)

Searching for the right path

Nettie Wiebe, representative of the National Farmers’ Union of Canada

Audio recorded by Real World Radio in Jakarta, Indonesia, in the framework of VI International Conference of La Via Campesina. “The whole agenda about the green economy, which means that every (...)

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Sow the seeds of struggle and resistance, and (...)
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