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Greening the Revolution (Full Documentary)

An 80-minute, HD award-winning documentary about food justice — filmed in Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Kenya, Zambia, India, Brazil and across the United States. "Greening the Revolution" features interviews with small farmers and revolutionaries, political intellectuals such as Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, and Vandana Shiva, as well as government/corporate officials such as the director of the FDA and the government relations executive for Monsanto (yes, an interview with Monsanto!). Focusing on issues such as GMOs, farmer suicides, diabetes, migrant farm workers and hunger, the film also turns to look at the resistance to harmful economic policies, amazing sustainable alternatives and organic agriculture practiced by brilliant small farmers, and the overall courage and hope found in the hearts of people refusing to accept a food system based on profits over human dignity. An official selection at the Newport Beach, Sonoma, Wild & Scenic, Milano and Oaxaca International Film Festivals. Final Cut 2016. To support the film, please donate at