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Greening the Revolution (Trailer)

Filmed in Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Kenya, Zambia, India, Brazil and the US, featuring interviews with small farmers from around the world, intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, and Vandana Shiva, and government/corporate officials including the Director of the FDA and the head of government relations for Monsanto, the 80-minute, grassroots-produced and funded Greening the Revolution is a unique, heartbreaking, inspiring movie about the politics behind our global food system. Winner of Best Documentary at the Fort Lauderdale International FIlm Festival, Best Female Filmmaker a the Oaxaca IFF and Official Selection at New port Beach IFF, Sonoma IFF, Wild & Scenic IFF, Milano IFF and more.

Greening the Revolution, the 80-minute feature documentary on food justice, will be released free on April 29th — on YouTube Channel: GreeningTheRevolution

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