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People’s Expo Milan 2015: opening conference

Milan, 3 June 2015 - The People’s Expo opened today with more than 200 delegates from peasant organizations and social movements from all corners of the world. Quotes Giosue de Salvo, Italy Coordinator of People’s Expo. They represent small scale and family farmers, pastoralists, fisherfolk, who are producing 70% of our food globally, but they have no voice in the Universal Expo here in Milan. As NGO’s and environmental organizations we are in the People’s Expo as natural allies to promote an alternative "recipe" to feed the planet, based on food sovereignty and environmental justice. Hanny van Geel, Netherlands, European Coordination for La Via Campesina (farmers social movements). At the Universal Expo they say that they will feed the world and that they will create jobs using the image of sustainability and ecology but it’s just a facade. Maria Salgado, Uruguay Indigenous People’s Council. Agroecology is a food and agriculture system with a social basis that reorganizes territories, putting food production and those leading this process at the forefront. This process feed the world and allows us to be free to not be dependent on foreign investment, and to pursue the lifestyle that we chose. Maniguenvingdinapi Jorge Stanley International Indian treaty Council from Panama tell us the importance to be here with the others social movements to strategize and organizing struggles. Nassgh Jaffer, South Africa Word Forum of Fisher People The contribution we make to global food systems is the most important and critical, yet, in terms of national legislation and global fisheries management, we are the worst off.