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Save Our Seeds - Part 2: Royalties & Cascading Rights

A Three -Part Video Series - Save our Seeds!
These videos were put together by NFU Youth in an effort to present the voices and concerns of the NFU and it’s members to a wider audience. As young farmers and associates of the NFU, we see great value and significance in the work that the NFU does. We also see great potential for strengthening and extending this work through the use of multimedia and online communications tools.

Part Two: Royalties and Cascading Rights: This is the second in a series of videos on Bill C-18 — the omnibus agriculture bill that seeks to align Canada’s seed laws with the international UPOV ’91 system. This video explains how UPOV ’91 transfers ever more wealth produced by farmers to the shareholders of the multinational conglomerates that hold Plant Breeders’ Rights in Canada.