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What is food sovereignty?

Courtesy of Huerquen Comunicación en colectivo :

"Food Sovereignty: 4 questions and several voices.

A few weeks ago, the People’s Summit was held in Buenos Aires - outside the WTO, coinciding with the ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization.
The contrast between the official negotiations and the meeting of the social movements could not be more visible: while the former locked themselves in a militarized zone, below we went back to the streets and the places inviting all and all the comrades to do part of the debate; while the doors inside have failed in their smallness, we have been enriched by the experiences and reflections of thousands of comrades. Discussions from delegations from all over the world, we made a collage of answers to 4 key questions:

# 1 What is food sovereignty?
# 2 What is the role of women in food sovereignty?
# 3 What is agroecology? are those of us who live in the cities are included?
# 4 Why are we saying Outside the WTO?"