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#17April | Int’l Day of Peasant Struggles 2019: Peasants’ Rights NOW! With Agrarian Reform and social justice!

(Harare, April 4, 2019) This April 17th – the International Day of Peasant Struggle – with our living memory and rebellion inherited from our 19 landless comrades murdered with impunity in the Eldorado do Carajás Massacre in Brazil, we call upon our members, friends and allies to come together with strong actions worldwide, affirming that the only way to obtain Peasant Rights is with Agrarian Reform and Social Justice. Check out the different actions on our global map: (...)
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Genève : "Ensemble cultivons des courges!

Pour célébrer la journée internationale des luttes paysannes, une action participative autour d’un légume connu de tous : la courge.

Voz Campesina 26

Día Internacional de las Luchas Campesinas: 17 de Abril

Mano a Mano con “Pancha” Rodríguez

Hacia la IV Conferencia Especial para la Soberanía Alimentaria (Santiago de Chile, mayo 2014).

March 8: Special Report on the International Women´s Day

March 8th is considered as a day of feminist struggle in the entire world. On this special Real World Radio edition, we gathered the voices of rural and urban activists from different parts of (...)

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