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Young people have a great opportunity – it is called La Via Campesina !
Nandini Jairam presents LVC struggles in Asia
Intervention at World Social Forum in Tunis 2013 of Nandini Jairam (India) , member of La Vía Campesina and a peasant farmer from Karnataka
Testimony of a Sahrawis People representative
Alamin Abdi moh Salem (Sahara) speaks of living and working peasants and peasant of Sahara
A land of blood
Two young men from the Peasants Movement in Santiago del Estero VC were killed in just eleven months by greedy businessmen that are after their land. This video was produced by (...)
Bajo Aguán river valley, the clamor for land
For years, Bajo Aguan region has been suffering from a conflict caused by the lack of access of peasants to the land and the expansion of large oil palm plantations, which have seen their growing (...)
Food fight
Saving Kids From Processed Jun. A boy must escape a world where the processed food is killing his neighborhood — literally. SHARE to teach kids who is behind it, and how to (...)
Protest againts the EU-INDIA FTA
In June 2007, the 27 members of the European Union started to negociate a Free Trade agreement with India. Since the talks began, there has been no access to negotiating texts. This video shows a (...)
Call for the recycling of human pooh
Humans are the only animals who defecate in their drinking water. According to conservative estimates, the Indian sacred river Yamuna receives more than 3000 million litters of domestic waste (...)
Farmers in India protest against Land acquisition Law
October 2010, more than 800 people travel from Assam to Dehli to protest big dams and laws such as the Land acquisition act 1894. In August 2011, 4000 people are in Dehli again to protest the (...)