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Director-General (FAO) meet up with La Via Campesina
Amritabhoomi in Karnataka, India - An alternative paradigm for agriculture
Amritabhoomi is an initiative by the farmers of Karnataka as well as by La Via Campesina, the international peasant movement to build an alternative paradigm for agriculture based on people’s (...)
Themba Chauke - About April 17, 2016
Themba Chauke from The Landless Peoples’ Movement in South Africa reaffirms his solidarity to the peasant struggle on the occasion of the International Day of the Peasant Struggle. April (...)
Shalmali Guttal, April 17 2016.
Shalmali Guttal, from Focus on the Global South India speaks about the increasing accounts of criminalisation of dissent and attack on peasants that is occurring in many parts of the world, (...)
Greening the Revolution (Trailer)
Filmed in Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Kenya, Zambia, India, Brazil and the US, featuring interviews with small farmers from around the world, intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, and Vandana (...)
Bangladesh | 1st May 2016 - #MayDay mobilisation by BAFLF & NWFA
May 1, 2016: The historic May Day also known as International Labour Day is being observed today by Bangladesh Agricultural Farm Labour Federation (BAFLF) & National Farmers and Workers (...)
International Conference of Agrarian Reform: A fruitful struggle
The International Conference on Agrarian Reform of La Via Campesina International took place from April 13 – 17, in Marabá, Pará State, Brazil. The date and place were chosen for their symbolic (...)
17 April 2016 - Solidarity Action by BAFLF & NWFA
(Dhaka) Bangladesh Agricultural Farm Labour Federation (BAFLF) and National Women Farmers & Workers Association (NWFA) have observed the International Day of Peasants Struggle to commemorate (...)
The Tree of Eternity: The Yirca Resistance”
This documentary is about how a handful farmers, women, children and men at Yırca in Turkey successfully defended their olive groves against being taken over for coal power plant (...)