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Director-General (FAO) meet up with La Via Campesina
Sémel : Des patates pour le maintien des terres arables
Vidéo de TV Luxembourg sur l’action de plantation de pommes de terre du 17 avril 2015
LVC speaks at the 2015 World Social Forum Press Conference
Watch the 2015 WSF Press Conference
SPI SUMUT "International Women Day" 2015
La Via Campesina shares this SPI North Sumatera video made during the International women’s Day, the 8th March 2015, in North Sumatera. It captures a discussion by women about The Role of woman (...)
Soil, Struggle and Justice: Agroecology in the Brazilian Landless Movement
This film examines a cooperative of the Brazilian Landless Movement (MST) in the South of Brazil, which struggled for access to land and then transitioned to ecological agriculture, or (...)
Blain Snipstal: Food sovereignty A critical dialogue
Blain Snipstal: Food sovereignty A critical dialogue
TTIP, Agriculture and Food Industry – Hanny Van Geel
Hanny Van Geel, farmer and member of Via Campesina, explains in this interview how the implementation of TTIP affects European farmers and agriculture, the quality of the food we eat and how we (...)
Save Our Seeds - Part 1: What is UPOV ’91?
Part 1: What is UPOV ’91? This is the 1st in a series of videos on Bill C-18 — the omnibus agriculture bill that seeks to align Canada’s seed laws with the international UPOV ’91 system. This video (...)
No Land No Food No Life
No Land No Food No Life is a hard-hitting film which explores sustainable peasant and community agriculture and the urgent calls for an end to corporate global land (...)