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Solidaridad con Brasil "#FueraOMC
La Cumbre de los Pueblos "#FueraOMC - Construyendo Soberanía" en Argentina, también fue un espacio de la construcción de tejidos solidarios, en video miembro de La Vía Campesina Tailandia se (...)
17 April 2016 - Solidarity Action by BAFLF (...)
(Dhaka) Bangladesh Agricultural Farm Labour Federation (BAFLF) and National Women Farmers & Workers Association (NWFA) have observed the International Day of Peasants Struggle to commemorate (...)
Right to Land and Seed
Food sovereignty is the main political demand of the landless and peasant movement in Bangladesh in times of climate change and intensifying land conflicts. The concept of food sovereignty is (...)
A Commons sense
biopiracy |?b?????p??r?si| noun [ mass noun ] the practice of commercially exploiting naturally occurring biochemical or genetic material, especially by obtaining patents that restrict its future (...)
A natural system and an agricultural Philosophy
Working with Kheti Virasat Mission, Amarjeet Sharma has managed to turn his small plot of land in the state of Punjab from lifeless, debt ridden farm into a healthy, productive and profitable (...)
SPI SUMUT "International Women Day" 2015
La Via Campesina shares this SPI North Sumatera video made during the International women’s Day, the 8th March 2015, in North Sumatera. It captures a discussion by women about The Role of woman (...)
Oil Palm Aggression on Palawan UNESCO Man and (...)
Agrofuels in Palawan, as elsewhere in the Philippines, have been portrayed as a key solution to lower greenhouse gas emission, achieve energy independence, as well as a tool for poverty (...)
It was their native customary land until palm oil companies came and claimed it their own. With the help of corrupt politicians, almost 9,000 hectares of forest and agricultural lands were (...)

Radio & fotos (12)

Saeed Baloch, Advocator for Fishermen’s Rights, Arrested in Pakistan

Saeed Baloch

Saeed Baloch, veteran activist and campaigner for fishermen’s rights in Pakistan, was arrested on the 16th of January 2016 by Pakistani forces. Hemantha Withanage, Executive Director at the Center for Environmental Justice and a member of Friends of the Earth Sri Lanka, spoke with Real World (...)
National women peasants rally in South Korea

On August 27, of 2015, the Korean Women Peasant Association had a very inspiring rally in Seoul for the right to life and for the achievement of food sovereignty.
Save our seeds and save rice: National Peasant day celebrated in Nepal

(Nepal, June, 30 2015) All Nepal Peasants’ Federation, the largest peasants’ organization in Nepal organized various programs including a paddy plantation program on the occasion of national peasants’/paddy day/Ashar 15(A day in Nepali calendar that falls on June 29/30). The program was devoted to (...)
LVC South Asia Regional Meeting: Sevagram, August 25-28, 2014

La Via Campesina’s South Asia Region convened in Sevagram Ashram on August 25th-28th, 2014 for our regional meeting. We had over 50 participants, coming from Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and India. Women and youth were well represented, and participated in the Youth and Women’s meetings. We had (...)
#EndWTO en Bali: Acciones en conmemoración de Lee Kyung Hae

Los campesinos coreanos celebraron un funeral de la OMC en la playa de Sanur y Denpasar y se recordaron de su compañero Lee Kyung Hae, campesino coreano que apuñaló a sí mismo durante la Conferencia Ministerial de la OMC de Cancún . A dentro del lugar de las negociaciones, los miembros de LVC (...)
#EndWTO en Bali Dec 3: Jornada de Movilización Masiva en Bali

Con la apertura de las negociaciones oficiales de la OMC en Bali el 3 de diciembre, movimientos populares tomaron las calles. El evento reunió a cerca de 1.000 campesinos, sindicalistas, estudiantes, mujeres y jóvenes de más de 30 países. Expresaron su rechazo total a la OMC y su sistema de libre (...)
Movilizaciones contra la OMC en Bali!

La Via Campesina organiza movilizaciones del 1 a 6 Diciembre en la novena junta Ministerial de la Organización Mundial de Comercio que se lleva a cabo en Bali, Indonesia. Fuera la OMC de la agricultura!
Women of La Via Campesina celebrating 20 years of grassroots activism

Women of La Via Campesina

This show was produced by the Women Rising Radio Project based on interviews done during the VI international conference of la Via Campesina with various women leader of la Via.