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Young people have a great opportunity – it is called La Via Campesina!
Conference of Agrarian Reform: In Defence of Life and Land!
Pour nourrir le Québec, donnons une place aux paysans
La capsule vidéo de l’Union paysanne, présentant sa position sur la situation du hors-quota au Québec. Cette vidéo présente la situation au Québec et fait intervenir, à titre de comparaison, des (...)
Questions autour de la convocation de la Confédération paysanne le 1er février au commissariat de Bagnolet
La Confédération paysanne a été convoquée par la police le 1er février 2018 suite à une action menée en 2014 contre Cargill !
What is food sovereignty?
Courtesy of Huerquen Comunicación en colectivo : "Food Sovereignty: 4 questions and several voices. A few weeks ago, the People’s Summit was held in Buenos Aires - outside the WTO, coinciding (...)
Berlin prepares for a massive mobilisation on 20th January !
EN #Berlin prepares for a massive mobilisation on 20th January, letting the government know that its agricultural policies have devastated the peasant communities. If you are in the city, join (...)
Solidaridad con Brasil "#FueraOMC
La Cumbre de los Pueblos "#FueraOMC - Construyendo Soberanía" en Argentina, también fue un espacio de la construcción de tejidos solidarios, en video miembro de La Vía Campesina Tailandia se (...)
Binding Treaty on Transnational Corporations: Tchenna Maso presenting the proposal by social movements
"Here there is a lot of pain and a lot of history, of many of our comrades who died fighting. You need to look at this document very seriously. " Tchenna Maso, of the Movement of People Affected (...)
The End of Corporate Impunity is Coming!
The treaties for investment protection and "free" trade signed by states favor the interests of transnational corporations by granting them rights and privileges, without requiring them in return (...)
La Via Campesina & the context of the Civil Society Mechanism (CSM) in Committee on Food Security (CFS)
#16October #FoodSovereignty - "Peasants’ rights have been systemically and systematically violated all around the world. Peasants are being forced out of their farms, their control over their (...)