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Climate justice and environment

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¡Muisne, aquí nos quedamos biejo Lucho!
(1 de Febrero de 2017) Después del terremoto 7.8 ocurrido en abril del 2016 en Ecuador, una sorda y silenciosa trama de desalojo y despojo de la isla de Muisne. La declaratoria, ’zona de altoriesgo (...)
“Together we can cool the planet” (arabic (...)
For many years, La Vía Campesina and GRAIN have been telling the world about how the agroindustrial food system causes half of all greenhouse gas emissions. But the world’s governments are refusing (...)
Action contre un champ de peupliers OGM
Belgique, des peupliers à abattre!
Ensemble, nous pouvons refroidir la planète! (...)
Depuis plusieurs années déjà, La Vía Campesina et GRAIN dénoncent le système d’alimentation agroindustriel qui cause la moitié des émissions de gaz à effet de serre de la (...)
¡Against the Current!
Companies hitting the road by saying “Electrical production is a must”; governors appearing as the implementers of neoliberal policies; and those who send bulldozers to the valleys for the (...)
COP 21 : Mamadou Fayinkeh at Zone action (...)
Mamadou Fayinkeh talks about his practices and his work to save seeds in Gambia
COP 21 : Interview avec Emmanuel Haze, (...)
Interview à la Zone Action Climat de Emmanuel Haze par Antonio Pacor
My plate is heating up!
A film by La Confédération Paysanne as part of its campaign "Envie de paysans!" 2015-2016.

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March for Climate Justice in Marrakech during COP22

March for Climate Justice in Marrakech during COP22
Réchauffement climatique en Afrique

Réchauffement climatique en Afrique

La COP21 : L’Afrique qui n’émet pourtant que 4% des gaz à effet de serre de la planète, est la région du monde la plus affectée par le réchauffement climatique. Désertification, ensablement des fleuves, réduction des grands lacs... Les terres agricoles africaines se réduisent alors que la population (...)
Coups de crayons à la Zone action climat

Dessins produits lors de la Conférence "Non à l’agriculture industrielle, oui à l’agriculture paysanne"
Mali: "Agroecology is in our hands! - Opening of the International Agroecology Forum

Sélingué, Mali, 24 February 2015 – Today, more than 250 delegates attended the first International Forum on Agroecology (24-27 February) hosted by Confederation of Peasants Organizations of Mali (CNOP) and La Via Campesina, at the Nyéléni Center in Sélingué, south Mali. Women and men from diverse (...)
Climate March in New York

The biggest climate march in history has drawn more than three times the number of protesters expected by organizers. Over 310,000 people flooded New York City on Sunday to demand international action on climate change, according to an initial headcount by (...)
Photos: A special hearing of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal

(Switzerland, Geneva, June 23-27, 2014) A special hearing of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal (PPT), within a week of demonstrations for the Human Rights Council UN believes an intergovernmental working group to establish binding rules for transnational corporations on human rights. As reported (...)