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Young people have a great opportunity – it is called La Via Campesina !

The Fourth International Youth Assembly of La Via Campesina kicked off on 16th of July, with nearly 100 young peasants from 47 countries echoing the slogan “ Invest in the Peasant Youth : Sowing Present to Harvest Future”. During the two days of this assembly (16-17 July), the participants will reflect on the importance of youth in strengthening this global peasant movement for food sovereignty and peasant agroecology. The assembly opened with a mistica (a cultural act) prepared by young peasants from Europe highlighting peasants’ identity, by using typical tools used in the countryside and instruments such as the Basque horn that is a symbol of local culture. Below is the text of the short presentation done by the canadian young delegate of that assembly : "So, we’re gathered here in the Basque region to come together with our comrades from around the world and La Via Campesina to discuss our common challenges. We know that the world is facing multiple crises now. Capitalism has led to economic crises, social crises, obviously a climate crisis and so we gather to try and decide on common strategies to address those crises. Issues that youth are facing because of all these crises are displacement from land, difficulty accessing land for food production, large youth migration from rural areas to cities or from some countries to other countries. So, what we see as a solution to those crises is agroecology, which is not just a way of producing food but also a way of structuring our society, our political systems, and our social relations to each other. So, we want to advocate for systems that promote fair and equitable distribution of food, production of food that values the workers and the people who were involved in the production so we see agroecology as a means of achieving food sovereignty. "