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Olivier De Schutter message on the Importance and Implementation of United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural areas
Director-General (FAO) meet up with La Via Campesina
Niger : People of Keita valley winning the battle against the encroaching desert
Reeling from decades of droughts the people of Keita valley in Niger are winning the battle against the encroaching desert. Conserving this once fertile valley is a daily struggle where water is (...)
Land Rush - Why Poverty
The documentary follows American sugar developer Mima Nedelcovych’s Sosumar scheme – a $600 million partnership between the Government of Mali to lease 200-square kilometers of prime agricultural (...)
Listen to Yudhvir Singh’s presentation
Listen to Yudhvir Singh’s presentation during the International Encounters event co-organized by the research institutions of Montpellier’s hub (Agropolis International) on “Family Farming and (...)
Plus de légumes, moins de bitumes
A l’occasion du 17 avril 2014, plantation de pommes de terres sur les champs "confisqués" par la Régie des Bâtiments pour y construire la future prison de (...)
UAWC- International Peasants day
On the Day of Peasants’ Struggle (April 17th) the Palestinian peasants representing Via Campesina Palestine raise their voices to save the local seeds and abandon the genetically modified (...)
Feeding Europe : food sovereignty and agro-ecology
The global food system is broken. This film demonstrates how people across Europe are re-organising their food supply chains
Corporations celebrate new scramble for Africa
Executives from companies including Monsanto and Unilever visit the UK government to thank ministers for their support in carving up the African continent for their (...)
The Jakarta call
"The Jakarta Call" is a 38 minutes film featuring the exchanges, debates and reflections of the movement’s VIth International Conference that took place in Jakarta in June (...)