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Director-General (FAO) meet up with La Via Campesina
FSM 2016 : Carlos Marentes of La Via Campesina on Popular Agrarian reform
Carlos Marentes of La Via Campesina North America explains what is Popular Agrarian Reform. He was talking in a panel organized by WhyHunger with the participation of First Nation (...)
La Via Campesina Delegation at FSM 2016
Several delegates comprising women, men, youth, and representing peasants and migrant agricultural and rural workers from several regions of La Via Campesina, carried messages of global (...)
Some of the most fertile land and water resources in West Bank is controlled by Israel, says Youssef Nasser at #WSF2016
Youssef Nasser, from the Union of Agricultural Committee in Palestine speaks about the dispossession and lack of access to land and water under the Israel regime. "Under different guises, land (...)
#WSF2016 : Peasant Agriculture can feed the world and cool the planet
Dena Hoff from La Via Campesina North America, spoke at the session on "Climate Change - Crisis or Collapse ?" held at Université du Québec à Montréal. In this video, she speaks about the movement’s (...)
#WSF2016 : Peasant led agriculture is a counter to the corporate strategy to control the food system
Carlos Marentes from La Via Campesina, Pat Mooney ETC group, Lise-Anne Leveille Union Paysanne-La Via Campesina, Eric Holt-Giménez Foodfirst, debating about corporate strategy to control the food (...)
World Social Forum 2016 Montreal Canada | Theme Song
Made by Focuspuller collective With Their World Social Forum Film Archive to Promote the next World Social Forum is being held in That Montreal Canada 9-14 August 2016. The music and song (...)
A Common Right : Mongolia
Meet Hajekber Serikbol, a pastoralist community leader in the Western Foothills of Mongolia. They call themselves the "friendship community" and are part of 200-500 million nomadic custodians (...)
Pun Pun Farm and a Philosophy for life | The Source Project
Pun Pun is a small organic farm, seed saving center, and sustainable living and learning center in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Farmers here strive to find more ways to live a more self reliant (...)