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How is COVID 19 impacting peasants and other people working in rural areas ?
Olivier De Schutter message on the Importance and Implementation of United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural areas
Finally, UN General Assembly adopts Peasant Rights declaration
With 121 votes in favour, 8 against and 54 abstentions, the UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants was adopted.
25 années de Lutte de la Via Campesina -Bande annonce
25 années de Lutte de la Via Campesina -Bande annonce
Towards the adoption of the Peasants’ Rights Declaration in New York (UN)
After more than 5 years of negotiations, a great majority of States adopted the Declaration in September at the United Nations Human Rights Council Next step : New York The Declaration will now (...)
Seeds of Resistance
Seeds of Resistance is an animated film developed as part of the Documentary "Seeds, common property or intellectual property of multinationals".
La Confédération paysanne en action pour dénoncer l’accaparement du foncier
Deux cents paysan-ne-s de la Confédération paysanne ont occupé ce 29 août à Châtillon-sur-Indre une parcelle des 1700 hectares de terres accaparées par le groupe chinois Hongyang. En réalisant une (...)
Fair Food Documentary
Australia’s first feature-length documentary, telling the stories of our fair food pioneers. The hour long Fair Food film was funded in part by crowd funding and made by the Australian Food (...)
It ‘Tasted’ Like Perfume : Environmental Crimes in Northern Brazil
The documentary film It ‘Tasted’ Like Perfume : Environmental Crimes in Northern Brazil, a Brasil de Fato production, shows the brutal impacts of decades of unaccountable mining operations on the (...)
The Fatality of Land Grabbing : Aggravating Climate Change and Undermining Peasant’s Lives
In this video the different levels of land grabbing and how it affects climate change are brought out by farmers in Uganda.