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Dueños de la Semilla, dueños del Mundo!
Un país con 1200 millones de habitantes donde según diversos estudios casi la mitad pasan hambre. Una nación del tamaño de un continente donde grandes multinaciones quieren apoderarse del negocio (...)
Of peoples, seeds, indigenous breeds, forests (...)
Journeys of adivasis, dalits, pastoralists, small and marginal farmers across 11 districts in Andhra Pradesh, India, towards Food Sovereignty and Manchi Jeevitham as a way of (...)
Nandini Jairam presents LVC struggles in (...)
Intervention at World Social Forum in Tunis 2013 of Nandini Jairam (India) , member of La Vía Campesina and a peasant farmer from Karnataka
Protest againts the EU-INDIA FTA
In June 2007, the 27 members of the European Union started to negociate a Free Trade agreement with India. Since the talks began, there has been no access to negotiating texts. This video shows a (...)
Call for the recycling of human pooh
Humans are the only animals who defecate in their drinking water. According to conservative estimates, the Indian sacred river Yamuna receives more than 3000 million litters of domestic waste (...)
Traditional Workers fights for their Lifestyle
This is a story about people who are struggling to keep their lifestyles going. Traditional fish workers, forest dwellers, farmers who are being displaced by large scale industrial projects are (...)