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¡Sembramos semillas de luchas y resistencias, cosechamos derechos!
Olivier De Schutter message on the Importance and Implementation of United (...)
VocesEnLucha: La Vía Campesina y la lucha por (...)
Crónica documental del encuentro de Vía Campesina celebrado del 16 al 21 de febrero de 2018 en Marbella, Andalucía, con las visitas de campo a Marinaleda, El Ejido, Somonte y Cerro Libertad. Abril (...)
Argentina: Verdurazo de pequeños productores (...)
Pequeños productores y trabajadores rurales estuvieron recorriendo las calles del microcentro esta tarde, regalando frutas y verduras en reclamo por la “insostenible” situación que afirman está (...)
The Fatality of Land Grabbing: Aggravating (...)
In this video the different levels of land grabbing and how it affects climate change are brought out by farmers in Uganda.
Climate Change is not Gender Neutral
The video explores the various challenges that are particular to women in relation to climate change in Southern and Eastern Africa. It also highlights the initiatives being taken by various (...)
Solidarity with Indonesian Peasant leader (...)
On 27 January 2018, Azhari a prominent leader of SPI - the Indonesian peasants Union in Merangin District, Jambi - was arrested for no apparent reason. He was then detained and his family members (...)
Agroecology is facing the threat of co-option (...)
"Real agroecology comes from small scale producers, peasants, indigenous people and the best way to support this kind of agroecology is by bringing it to a broader scale - which doesn’t mean one (...)
For a sustainable food system, strengthen (...)
Hanny Van Geel of La Via Campesina Europe outlines some of the social and economic benefits of agroecology in Europe, at the 2nd International Agroecology (...)
Sénégal : le Conseil national de concertation...
Sénégal : le Conseil national de concertation et de coopération des ruraux (CNCR) est reçu par le Président de la Répubique du Sénégal, M. Macky Sall, en présence des ministres de l’agriculture et de (...)