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#17April2020 – Till, sow and harvest transformative ideas for the future!

Now is the moment to demand food sovereignty – #17April
Harare: On 17 April 2020 – the International Day of Peasants’ Struggle – La Via Campesina will keep alive the memory of #EldoradoDosCarajás in Brazil and our continued fight against Corporate and State impunity. The COVID-19 crisis shows us that now is the moment to demand structural reforms of the agri-food systems at a global level.
#PeasantRightsNOW | #StayHomeButNotSilent

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#17Abril – “Luchamos y nos organizamos para alimentar al mundo”

Entrevista con Francisca “Pancha” Rodríguez, referente del movimiento de mujeres rurales e indígenas de Chile, en el Día Internacional de las Luchas Campesinas. Radio Mundo Real, Abril (...)

Día de Luchas Campesinas: en Europa conmemoraron rechazando los Acuerdos de Libre Comercio de la UE

Este martes en la mañana europea, la Vía Campesina Internacional se movilizó con una plataforma de organizaciones en rechazo de los acuerdos de libre comercio por entender que los mismos destruyen (...)

Défendre la ZAD, encore et partout - de Radio Canut

Episode du 19 avril 2018 de l’émission "les paysans et paysannes dans la lutte des classes " : Après les attaques policières qui continuent à Notre-Dame-des Landes: Entretien avec des camarades de (...)

Mistica for April 17 was a traditional Korean ritual called "Gosa (고사)"

Mistica for April 17 was a traditional Korean ritual called "Gosa (고사)", praying the spirits of Earth, Sky, and Universe for the wellness of all participants before starting a very important event. (...)

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