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Young people have a great opportunity – it is called La Via Campesina!
La Via Campesina 7th Conference Music Video
Here is the video clip of the song that was created for the VIth conference of La Via Campesina that will take place in July 2017 in the Basque country. The words were written by the writer (...)
Fighting for seeds and soil
Tanzania is at the forefront in the battle for control over Africa’s food system. With the help of the UK government (and others in the G7) corporations are scrambling to expand their markets in (...)
’Are we coal?’
Video on human rights violations caused by mining company Vale and the impacts of ProSavana Project in Mozambique .
Origins of La Via Campesina
In this video, Elizabeth Mpofu, general coordinator of La Vìa Campesina, explains how and why the international peasants movement was created. Source: CETIM Centre Europe - Tiers (...)
Food Otherwise Conference, Netherlands
On February 12th and 13th 2016, the second edition of the Voedsel Anders Conference took place in Wageningen. Over a 1000 people visited this two-day program about the transition to fair and (...)
Greening the Revolution (Full Documentary)
An 80-minute, HD award-winning documentary about food justice — filmed in Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Kenya, Zambia, India, Brazil and across the United States. "Greening the Revolution" features (...)
Amritabhoomi in Karnataka, India - An alternative paradigm for agriculture
Amritabhoomi is an initiative by the farmers of Karnataka as well as by La Via Campesina, the international peasant movement to build an alternative paradigm for agriculture based on people’s (...)
Themba Chauke - About April 17, 2016
Themba Chauke from The Landless Peoples’ Movement in South Africa reaffirms his solidarity to the peasant struggle on the occasion of the International Day of the Peasant Struggle. April (...)