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How is COVID 19 impacting peasants and other people working in rural areas?
Olivier De Schutter message on the Importance and Implementation of United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural areas
Hiba Aljibeihi Sameeha, Via Campesina delegate from UAWC, Palestine at COP21
AgriCultures interviewed Hiba Aljibeihi Sameeha from UAWC, a member of La Via Campesina in Palestine
Nyeleni Europe 2011 - European Forum for Food Sovereignty
Video of the first European forum on Food Sovereignty
Agroecology: Voices From Social Movements (Long Version)
This video explores the different perspectives of food providers on agroecology and the calls from social movements to embed agroecoogy in the struggle for food sovereignty. It focuses on the (...)
Jyoti Fernandez - Public Debate on Agroecology in the European Parliament
Jyoti Fernandez - Public Debate on Agroecology in the European Parliament
“Together we can cool the planet”!
For many years, La Vía Campesina and GRAIN have been telling the world about how the agroindustrial food system causes half of all greenhouse gas emissions. But the world’s governments are refusing (...)
Together we can cool the planet
Get ready to watch a short film about the food system and the climate crisis. On October 16, World Day of Action for Food Sovereignty, Rosalía will tell us how “together we can cool the (...)
System Change Not Climate Change
The greatest challenges of our time is to end the unjust distribution in the world and to fight climate change. What prevents us?
Fermiers versus agribusiness
Près de 1500 tracteurs et 7000 agriculteurs ont débarqué à Bruxelles pour défendre leur survie et un autre mode de production.