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Opening of La Via Campesina’s Sixth Conference (...)
With a mistica which highlighted the power, unity and vitality of the movement, La Via Campesina’s Sixth Conference, named ’Egidio Brunetto’ in homage to this activist with the Brazilian Landless (...)
Les hommes de la forêt
Toutes les 15 secondes, un hectare de la forêt indonésienne part en fumée pour satisfaire la production d’huile de palme et de papier de grandes multinationales. Les indigènes voient les palmiers à (...)

Radio & pictures (11)

#EndWTO in Bali: Inside and Outside actions to remember Lee Kyung Hae

Korean Farmers carried out an action at the Sanur Beach in Denpasar, doing a death ceremony for the WTO . They made a hundred bows each in the Korean style to remember their comrade Lee Kyung Hae and highlight the disastrous impacts of the WTO. While inside, LVC members did a silent procession (...)
#EndWTO in Bali Dec 3 : Massive and Colourful Mobilization in Bali

As the official WTO talks open on the 3rd of December in Bali, peoples movements took to the streets on the same day. The protest brought together about a 1000 farmers, trade unionists, students, women and youth from more than 30 countries. They manifested their total rejection of the WTO and (...)
Mobilization against WTO in Bali

La Via Campesina takes part in the mobilization against WTO in Bali, Indonesia
Women of La Via Campesina celebrating 20 years of grassroots activism

Women of La Via Campesina

This show was produced by the Women Rising Radio Project based on interviews done during the VI international conference of la Via Campesina with various women leader of la Via.
Before the hand over

Henry Saragih

Interview with the general coordinator of La Via Campesina, Henry Saragih realized by World Real Radio in Jakarta, Indonesia, June 2013.
Searching for the right path

Nettie Wiebe, representative of the National Farmers’ Union of Canada

Audio recorded by Real World Radio in Jakarta, Indonesia, in the framework of VI International Conference of La Via Campesina. “The whole agenda about the green economy, which means that every part of nature, every part of living systems is being commodified to be bought and sold, is a (...)
Photos of the closing ceremony of La Via Campesina’s Youth Assembly

Soekarno a dit "donnez-moi 10 jeunes et nous changerons le monde". Vous êtes plus de dix et je crois que depuis La Via Campesina, nous pouvons résoudre les problèmes qui se produisent dans ce monde", a déclaré Henry Saragih lors de l’ouverture de l’assemblée des jeunes. Ces photos montrent la mystica (...)