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End to the WTO

For La Via Campesina, 18 years of the WTO is enough. Small farmers the world over have suffered long enough. La Via Campesina is not alone in calling for an End to the WTO. Together with Gerak Lawan (Indonesian Peoples Movement against Neocolonialism and Imperialism) and the Social Movements for an Alternative Asia (SMAA), a newly formed coordination of social movements in Asia, which includes the Migrant Forum in Asia, Jubilee South-APMDD, World March of Women, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Alliance of Progressive Labor, Focus on the Global South, water movements, climate justice movements and several others, more than 100 organizations and movements the world over, have signed the call for an End to the WTO.
These movements are also organizing an EndWTO Bali Week of Action to not only demonstrate the growing movement against the neo-liberal regime but also to highlight the proposals for alternatives from the different social movements and communities.

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La Via Campesina takes part in the mobilization against WTO in Bali, Indonesia
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